3D Smartphone Magnifier



The 3D Smartphone Magnifier is a handy accessory designed to amplify and enhance the viewing experience of content on a smartphone. 3D Smartphone Magnifier utilizes a simple optical magnification system to enlarge the smartphone screen and create a more immersive 3D-like visual effect, making it ideal for watching videos, movies, and other multimedia content.

3D Smartphone Magnifier


Optical Magnification: The primary feature of the 3D Smartphone Magnifier is its optical magnification system. It typically consists of a convex lens or a combination of lenses that enlarge the smartphone's display. The magnification varies depending on the model, but it generally ranges from 2x to 4x, offering a more comfortable viewing experience.

3D-Like Visual Effect: When the smartphone is placed inside the magnifier, the combination of the screen's enlarged size and the optical properties of the lens creates a 3D-like visual effect. This effect enhances the depth perception of images and videos, making the viewing experience more immersive and engaging.

3D Smartphone Magnifier

Universal Smartphone Compatibility: The 3D Smartphone Magnifier is designed to be universally compatible with various smartphone models. It features an adjustable holder or slot that can accommodate smartphones of different sizes, ensuring it can be used with most standard smartphones, including both Android and iOS devices.

Portable and Foldable Design: The magnifier is designed to be portable and easy to carry. It is often foldable or collapsible, allowing users to pack it flat when not in use, making it convenient for travel or on-the-go entertainment.

No Power Source Required: The 3D Smartphone Magnifier operates without the need for any external power source. The magnification effect is solely achieved through the optical properties of the lens, which means it doesn't require batteries or charging.

3D Smartphone Magnifier

Anti-Glare and Eye Protection: To enhance the viewing experience, many magnifiers are equipped with anti-glare coatings on the lenses. This reduces reflections and glare from external light sources, making it easier to view the screen in different lighting conditions. Additionally, it helps protect the eyes from prolonged exposure to bright screens.

Adjustable Viewing Angle: Some models of the 3D Smartphone Magnifier allow users to adjust the viewing angle for added comfort. This feature is useful for finding the optimal angle for watching videos or other content without straining the neck or eyes.

Hands-Free Viewing: The magnifier is designed to be placed on a flat surface, providing hands-free viewing of content. This feature is especially useful for watching movies or videos for an extended period without having to hold the smartphone.

3D Smartphone Magnifier


  • Made of high quality materials, safe and durable.

  • Keep the screen magnification 2-3 times. Small and portable, easy to carry, suitable for various occasions - indoor, camping, on the road, leisure time, etc.

  • Bracket design can let go of your hand. When watching video, you don't need to hold the phone, enlarge the phone screen, and watch clearer video.

  • Structure adopts many innovative technologies, which can be used for different types of mobile phones.

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