Gaming Armrest



A Gaming Armrest is a specialized accessory designed to enhance the comfort and ergonomics of gaming chairs or office chairs, specifically tailored to the needs of gamers. It provides additional support and reduces strain on the arms during extended gaming sessions.

Gaming Armrest


Ergonomic Design: The key feature of the Gaming Armrest is its ergonomic design. It is contoured and shaped to provide proper support to the forearms and elbows, promoting a more natural and comfortable arm position while gaming.

Adjustable Height and Angle: Many Gaming Armrests come with adjustable height and angle settings. This allows users to customize the armrest's position according to their preferences and chair height, ensuring optimal support for different body types.

Soft Padding and Material: The armrests are typically padded with high-density foam or memory foam for added comfort. The soft padding reduces pressure on the arms and improves blood circulation, preventing discomfort and numbness during long gaming sessions.

Gaming Armrest

Durable Construction: Gaming Armrests are made from durable and high-quality materials, ensuring they can withstand the wear and tear of intense gaming sessions and maintain their shape and support over time.

Easy Installation: Most Gaming Armrests are designed for easy installation and attachment to gaming chairs. They often come with adjustable straps or mounting brackets that can be quickly secured to the chair's existing armrests.

Suitable for Various Chairs: The armrests are versatile and can be used with a wide range of gaming chairs, office chairs, or even some armless chairs, as long as they have a stable surface for attachment.

Gaming Armrest

Anti-Slip Design: To prevent the armrests from slipping or moving during gaming, many models feature an anti-slip surface on the bottom or straps that keep the armrest securely in place.

Compatibility with Accessories: Some Gaming Armrests are designed with compatibility for additional accessories like mouse pads or cup holders, enhancing the gaming experience by providing convenient access to essential items.

Gaming Armrest


  • Material: Strong ABS plastic

  • Pad size: 29 x 12cm; 11.42'' x 4.72''

  • Easily attaches to a computer desk up to 4.8cm (1.9'') thick

  • The weight of the forearm is distributed over a large area. This reduces localized pressure on the wrist and eliminates the constant strain on muscles in the neck, arms and shoulders that so many computer users experience.

  • Behind its simplicity, the pad hides a few useful tricks. It can be adjusted to the desired position and while the forearm is placed on top the pad locks itself in place.

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