Green Extra Large Mouse Mat



The Green Extra Large Mouse Mat is a specialized and oversized mouse pad designed to provide a smooth and ample surface for precise mouse movements. Its larger size and green color offer a unique and functional addition to the gaming or workspace setup.

Green Extra Large Mouse Mat


Generous Size: The key feature of the Green Extra Large Mouse Mat is its generous size. It is significantly larger than standard mouse pads, offering an extended surface area for both the mouse and keyboard. This allows users to have their entire gaming or work setup on the mouse mat, reducing the need to adjust or lift the mouse frequently.

Smooth Surface Texture: The mouse mat typically features a smooth and low-friction surface texture. This provides optimal glide and control for the mouse, allowing for precise and effortless cursor movements during gaming or work tasks.

Enhanced Precision and Accuracy: The Green Extra Large Mouse Mat enhances mouse precision and accuracy, making it ideal for gaming, graphic design, and other tasks that require precise mouse movements.

Green Extra Large Mouse Mat

Non-Slip Rubber Base: To prevent the mouse mat from sliding or moving during intense gaming sessions or work, it is equipped with a non-slip rubber base. The rubber base provides excellent grip on the desk or table surface, ensuring stability.

Durable and Easy to Clean: The mouse mat is made from durable materials that can withstand extended use. It is easy to clean, and users can wipe off dust or spills with a damp cloth.

Green Color and Aesthetics: The green color of the mouse mat adds a vibrant and eye-catching element to the gaming or workspace setup. It complements a variety of themes and adds a touch of personalization to the environment.

Green Extra Large Mouse Mat

Compatibility with Different Mice: The Green Extra Large Mouse Mat is compatible with various mouse types, including optical, laser, and wireless mice, ensuring versatility for different users' preferences.

Edge Stitching: Many models of the mouse mat feature edge stitching, which reinforces the edges and prevents fraying. This enhances the overall durability and longevity of the mouse pad.

Water-Resistant Surface: The smooth surface of the mouse mat is often water-resistant, ensuring it is protected from accidental spills and easy to clean.

Green Extra Large Mouse Mat


  • This extended mouse pad will fit both keyboard and mouse, and other desk items. Provides perfect movement space for gaming or office

  • Ecological and durable, use super fine and high density materials. Reinforced edges to avoid deformation or damage, no raw edge and glue.

  • The bottom surface in anti-slip rubber adheres firmly to the desk. Soft top and comfortable finishes for the wrists and hands.

  • Made of environmental material with ROHS certificate to ensure safety. It is environmental, non-toxic and safe to use.


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