Smart-TV Wireless Keyboard



The Smart-TV Wireless Keyboard is a versatile accessory designed to transform your smart TV experience. By combining the convenience of a full keyboard with wireless connectivity, this keyboard provides an intuitive and efficient way to navigate, search, and interact with your smart TV's apps, content, and settings.

Smart-TV Wireless Keyboard


Full QWERTY Keyboard: The Smart-TV Wireless Keyboard features a complete QWERTY keyboard layout with all the familiar keys, enabling easy text input, web browsing, and app interaction on your smart TV.

Wireless Connectivity: Using wireless technology such as Bluetooth or USB dongles, the keyboard connects seamlessly to your smart TV without the need for cumbersome cables, enhancing your mobility and freedom.

Multi-Device Compatibility: Many Smart-TV Wireless Keyboards are designed to work not only with smart TVs but also with other devices like PCs, laptops, tablets, and gaming consoles, offering versatile functionality.

Smart-TV Wireless Keyboard

Touchpad or Trackball: Some models of the keyboard include an integrated touchpad or trackball, allowing you to control the on-screen cursor with precision, just like a laptop touchpad.

Multimedia Controls: Dedicated multimedia keys provide quick access to functions like volume control, playback, pause, and fast forward, enhancing your entertainment experience.

App-Specific Hotkeys: Smart-TV Wireless Keyboards often include app-specific hotkeys that streamline navigation and provide direct access to popular apps like Netflix, YouTube, and more.

Smart-TV Wireless Keyboard

Compact and Ergonomic Design: The keyboard is designed with comfort in mind, featuring an ergonomic layout and compact form factor that fits comfortably in your hands.

Rechargeable Battery: Some models feature a built-in rechargeable battery that eliminates the need for frequent battery replacements and provides extended usage time.

Backlit Keys: Backlit keys enhance visibility in low-light environments, allowing you to comfortably use the keyboard even in dimly lit rooms.

Smart-TV Wireless Keyboard


  • 92 keys, 2.4GHz wireless Keyboard with Touchpad.

  • Touchpad DPI adjustable functions.

  • Built-in high sensitive smart touchpad with 360-degree flip design.

  • Auto sleep and auto wake mode.

  • Innovative shape, portable, elegant.

  • Perfect for PC, Pad, Android TV Box, Google TV Box, for Xbox360, for PS3, HTPC/IPTV, etc.

  • Operating range: 10 meters (MAX), without signal disturbance and no direction limit.


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