Wireless Joycons Controller with Vibration for Switch

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Wireless Joy-Cons Controller with Vibration for Switch


  • Improved Performance: Upgraded wireless controller resolves issues like frequent disconnection, button lag, and drift, providing a seamless gaming experience. Ideal replacement for Switch Joy-Cons.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with all Switch games, ensuring versatility and broad gaming options.
  • Wireless and Wired Functionality: Simple slot design facilitates easy installation and removal. Quick and stable wireless connection with automatic reconnection. Can also be connected via cable by sliding the controller onto the Switch console. Console charges the controller when connected via wire if the controller is not powered.
  • Double Vibration & Motion Control: Supports gyro-axis and dual motors vibration functions for immersive gaming experiences. 6-axis gyroscope enables somatosensory and motion control, providing real and stimulating gameplay. Feel every hit and collision with double-shock vibrating hand response.
  • Human Engineering Design: Ergonomic handle design with comfortable resting positions for palms and index fingers. Allows for extended gaming sessions without discomfort, particularly suitable for users with large hands. Built-in battery in each controller offers 15-20 hours of gaming time.


  • Compatible Models: Nintendo Switch/Switch OLED/Switch Lite
  • Product Material: ABS
  • Charging Type: Joy-Con Dock and Wired Cable
  • Input Voltage: AC 5V
  • Power Cord: USB-C Cable
  • Charging Time: Fully charged within 2 hours.

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